Top 5 Crazy and Fun ideas to Dress up your Walls

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Are you bored with your routine walls? Wall decor is the prettiest crafts that make your home look alluring with gaping interiors.

Who doesn’t want their walls glare more stylish, fresh, and fabulous? Here is a list of the awesome crafts to make your walls more beautiful.

  1. Printed collages:

We love to make photo collages. It gives you memories with the best alluring look to everyone.

Collages with added graphics make your walls look more elegant.

CanvasPop tops the list of all online collage makers, with all its features embedded in it. Canvas Pop – this online collage maker entertains with the amazing features of Archival-certified and OBA free, our 20.5mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas features an acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents.

This site allows us to choose the pic, which is to be printed on the canvas for the wall, mentioning all the features of it. It includes the edges, filters, and the dimensions for the print of the required picture.

The Framed prints also give you the pleasure and end up adding a fascinating look to your Walls.

The best things about this website are it provides you with an offer of 50% off and at the high-level designs.

  1. Make rustic art pieces:

Making new art for your walls out of reclaimed shapes and burlap could be a better way to decor them. They really give you the best sense of making up the interiors well designed.

It doesn’t take much time to get this craft done! It not only takes this done in 2 hours to fetch you with a fresh vintage look.

It has taken on a very vintage feel, and I wanted something that reminded me of the outdoors but had that vintage look too.

Once you choose the frame to arrange the pieces accordingly, the decor further adds the extra essence to it.

Cut the piece of burlap to fit in each of the frames and taped it down to your table with the required dimensions.

Remove the glass and backings on each and put on each frame two coats of Annie Sloan’s pure white chalk paint to it.

Use some black paint and stenciled some birds and branches onto the burlap. Make the paint dry. Mount the burlap inside the frames and then take a glance over your brand-new art.

  1. Fashion a Flashy Wall Hanging:

Have you been looking for the perfect wall hanging for a blank wall upstairs in the home? Then go with the amazing hanging. You require wooden dowel, three different colors of yarn (5 skeins total), three embroidery hoops (23″, 14″, 8″), hot glue gun, scissors.

Cut your embroidery hoops to the half. The two moon shapes without the screw attachment are the ones used for the top of the hanging. Go ahead to use your hot glue gun to glue those pieces together.

Secure the end of your first yarn color to the least moon with hot glue, leaving a pretty lengthy tail.

Continue the process, wrapping up the different colors one after the other. Begin wrapping the yarn around the outside of the moon. For every four or five wraps, run a line of glue and wrap over again.

This will help your yarn stay in place and also mask the squareness of the embroidery hoop. Repeat this step for all three moons.

Once you are done with wrapping the yarn, measure out where your moons best suit the arena of the wall. Make sure the colors cope up with the wooden dowel and the background of the wall. Tie the yarn tails to the dowel to make it more elegant.

Use the hot glue gun to make the moons flush with the dowel. Make sure your knots (and glue mess if there are any) are hidden on the backside. Trim the tails for a decent and unique look.

The colors you attach a thin piece of string to the dowel and find a wall to hang it on. Take time to add some extra features as more yarn… or whatever to this piece.

Fold a length of yarn in half and wrap it over one of your moons. Grab the tails through and keep pulling until secure. Continue doing this as much or tiny half circles. Once you have done with enough border, trim, so it looks nice and tidy! The hanging adds the perfect amount of color and interest to a space that used to be dullsville.

  1. Make a bookshelf:

The best way to make a bookshelf is by using open wooden shelves exposing the cover page of every book. Shelves work wonders in a small space and allow you to show off book’s magazine-style.

There are more options than ever traditional cabinet doors, open shelving, a mix of the two, or a mixture of varied types.

It gives a better understanding of yourself to the visitors and works well in the case of the bibliophiles. So, it’s the best option to decorate your walls with random bookshelves.

  1. Cover a Wall in Corkboard:

Whether you’re searching for a functional way to hang up photos or fashion in a mood board in your home office space, a corner wall covered in cork is the perfect place to display them.

Covering the wall with the corkboard is such a great idea to expose your innate skills and attitude, especially in your workspace. Developing a nice cork board as a DIY project, and you can see it as wallpaper to the outer world.

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