Tips on How to Hire a Plumber for Your New Home Build

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If you’re having a house built new, you’ll want a plumber to install its plumbing system. But as it might be your first time to hire a plumber for your new home build, you might have little to no idea at all on how to proceed. The following tips should help you accomplish that easier and faster:

1. Ask around for a plumber either in person or online

When looking for a plumber who can install an entire plumbing system in your new home build, you can resort to either personal or online referrals.

If you’re taking the personal referral route, you should ask anyone near your newly built house if they could recommend you the plumber who had installed their home’s plumbing system. You can also ask your real estate agent if they know any plumbers near your newly built house who can install its plumbing system for you.

But if you find personal referrals to be time-consuming, you can opt to take the online route instead by visiting websites specializing in home services. However, you should read some of the reviews about certain plumbers before hiring one who’ll install your house’s plumbing system.

2. Make sure the plumber is licensed, insured, and free of any complaints filed against them.

The credentials of the plumber that you’ll be hiring have to be spotless. Otherwise, they might lure you into a scam and run away with your money after improperly installing your house’s plumbing system.

Thus, when hiring a plumber for your new home build, you should get their license number and run it across the website of your local trade-regulating body. You should also check if the plumber that you plan to hire had garnered any formal complaints from their clients in the past or not. They should also have liability insurance to their name so that they can get themselves covered should they accidentally damage any part of your newly built house while doing plumbing work. The said insurance should also sufficiently cover them or you in case any plumbing-related injuries occur.

3. Hire a plumber who guarantees the work.

In case the plumber that you’ve hired had committed an honest mistake while installing your plumbing system, they should guarantee the work that they’ve done for at least a year. This allows them to fix it within the said period without charging you anything. The said warranty should be set into writing so that both you and the plumber that you’ve hired wouldn’t have any disputes about it.

As of 2016, there have been 52.840 plumbers operating all throughout Canada. So if you’re having a new house built in the said country – particularly in Toronto, there isn’t any shortage of Toronto plumbers who you can hire to install its plumbing system. However, you should be careful as to which plumber to let inside your newly built house. By following the above-listed tips on how to hire a plumber for your new home build, you won’t have to worry about where to get your daily supply of clean, running water once you and your family start occupying the house that you’ve built.



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