16 Tiny Cabins That Are Sure To Inspire A Lifestyle Change

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Downsizing to a tiny home can be equal parts exciting and scary. It’s a major lifestyle change, but the positive benefits of embracing the minimalist life make it all worth it. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get the ball rolling, so we’ve selected 16 incredible tiny cabins that are sure to ignite a lifestyle change.

From family homes to coastal abodes, these cozy cabins make downsizing look like a dream.

1. Tiny Two-Storeyed Beauty

Photo credit: airbnb.com

This two-storeyed beauty showcases the endless design possibilities of a tiny home. Taking up barely any land space, this tiny home has all the creature comforts of modern living, including floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, and separate living and sleeping areas. With plenty of outdoor space, this home is designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment.

2. Architecture In Nature

Photo credit: archdaily.com

Resting on a perfectly sized boulder, this tiny house was designed to incorporate nature. Uniquely angled to create separate living spaces, this is what luxury living off the grid looks like. A nature lover’s dream, this home provides the perfect retreat after a day of exploring the wilderness.

3. Practical, Functional Family Living

Photo credit: podlife.co.nz

Here’s something really clever. This unique home comprises four tiny home units to create separate spaces for family living, showcasing the endless possibilities with prefabricated tiny homes and cabins. Downsizing shouldn’t be complicated, and this design proves that you change your lifestyle and still meet your family’s needs.

4. Sunny And Simple

Photo credit: aussietinyhouses.com

Simply beautiful, this structure uses uncomplicated building materials to create the perfect, tiny family home. From the outdoor bar to the upstairs bedroom, this home has all the unique qualities of a modern home on a much smaller scale. Complete with plenty of shade to enjoy a summer BBQ on the large deck, this is the kind of tiny home that inspires a lifestyle change.

5. Sustainable And Self-Reliant

Photo credit: decoratorist.com

If you’re looking to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, this is the kind of home to aspire for. Built with sustainable materials and solar-powered, you can live ‘off the grid’ quite easily in this architecturally designed tiny home. Have the oversized ranch sliders open during the day to enjoy this home’s wonderful indoor-outdoor flow.

6. It’s In The Details

Photo credit: airbnb.com

Check out the indoor-outdoor flow of his stunning, Mexican-style tiny home. With large windows, an outdoor patio and a raised ceiling, this home is designed to create the illusion of more space without needing to extend the square footage – what a gorgeous place to enjoy a minimalist lifestyle.

7. Transportable Comfort

Photo credit: wheelhaus.com

For the ultimate freedom, choose a tiny home on wheels. Built with durable materials, this tiny provides a safe and comfortable place to live wherever you go. Living with less doesn’t have to mean living in discomfort. This beautiful tiny home proves that when it comes to style, size doesn’t matter.

8. A Scandinavian Stunner

Photo credit: thespaces.com

The transportable qualities of this tiny home mean you can hop from place to place and take your home with you. The interiors are Scandinavian inspired, with a small loft that perfectly fits a king-sized bed. While the cabin itself is a mere 24 ft, the tall ceilings and large windows make it appear much more spacious.

9. Rustic Luxury

Photo credit: digitaltrends.com

If you’re looking for a luxury home on wheels, this tiny home is total perfection. Rustic cedar detailing, extendable decking, and separate living and sleeping areas transform this trailer into a high-functioning, stylish home. Inside boasts enough room for a full kitchen, king-sized bed and even a bath! What more could you want in a minimalist lifestyle change?

10. Timeless, Transportable And Tiny

This transportable lakeside home has nature at its doorstep. The timeless cottage style is warm and inviting – just as a tiny home should be – complete with all modern comforts. Imagine late summer nights around the outdoor fire or cosying up indoors in the winter. This tiny home is every bit the downsizer’s dream.

11. Shipping Container Turned Luxury Home

Photo credit: dwell.com

What used to be a shipping container is now a double-decker tiny home. The interior is as modern as it comes, with full insulation, heating, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Head to the top deck to get a 360-degree view of the natural surroundings.

12. Unique Tiny Design

This tiny home’s architecture is inspired by the Japanese teahouse design, incorporating vaulted ceilings, loads of natural light and simple, clean interior styling. This tiny home is surprisingly spacious in its small square footage with an upstairs bedroom, workspace, fully equipped kitchen, and cosy lounge area.

13. Coastal Charmer

Photo credit: loveproperty.com

A beach-goer’s dream, this seaside delight is the perfect place to spend the hot summer months. With plenty of space for indoor or outdoor lounging, coastal dwelling never looked so good. A charming colour and a charming design for those longing for a lifestyle change.

14. Practical Family Home

Photo credit: glampinghub.com

This tiny house design is ideal for families looking to downsize. The second level provides a quiet sleeping area for the kids and a little extra space for them to keep some independence. If you’re looking for a middle-road tiny house option, this could be the perfect design for you.

15. A Wooden Work Of Art

Photo credit: inhabitat.com

This stylish home on wheels is the product of incredible craftsmanship. Complete with a screened-in porch, full kitchen, bathroom, laundry appliances and sleeping loft, you won’t ‘go without’ in this tiny home. With a soothing timber interior, this tiny home is sure to inspire a lifestyle change.

16. Classy Cottage On Wheels

Photo credit: styleblueprint.com

Believe it or not, this sleek and stylish tiny home is transportable. Complete with high-end interior materials and appliances, this is the Rolls Royce of tiny homes. Large doors and plenty of windows fill the home with natural light, bringing the outdoors in and complementing the natural interior tones.

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