Contemporary Home Plan with Dazzling Exterior

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Are you ready to have your first house? What are the major concerns that you consider? Investing in one of your precious possessions is very complex. In fact, either you want to invest for a single story house, two storey residence, split level or any other type, requires a careful decision. This contemporary house design with a dazzling exterior is one to recommend because of its excellent features.

For households who prefer a single storey house plan, this unit has lots of benefits to offer. These include a wider appeal and energy-efficient. Certainly, the overall cost of construction will be lower and the maintenance will be easier and of lower cost as compared to multi-level homes. Additionally, investment-wise, it will have a higher resale value.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Dazzling Exterior

Description of Contemporary House Design with Dazzling Exterior

The house in feature stands in a lot that measures 9.0 x 12.0 meters and a floor area of 108.0 sq. meters. This residence sits in a cozy environment thus, living is very comfortable and healthy.

The front exterior design bursts with style and character. The smart design features the house in an elevated scheme allowing the house to stand taller delivering an enhanced appeal. The balcony looks very prominent with square columns, wooden benches, and steel railings. Additionally, the columns shine in accents of natural cultured stones in the lower length, and plain concrete with light yellow shade the length up.

You can imagine how comfortable the place is because it’s widely open for fresh air and light. The level of comfort inside the house feels great because of sufficient green-tinted glass window panels installed in appropriate locations. The exterior walls look very tidy in mineral plaster finish which shines in a light yellow tone. The dark brown outline on the bottom perimeter around the house conveys an additional appeal. Meanwhile, the roof looks very prominent with multiple assemblies of hip roofs in grey-colored tiles.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Dazzling Exterior

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Contemporary House Design with Dazzling Exterior

The house in feature at this article stands out with finesse and style that includes the following specifications:

  • balcony
  • living room
  • dining room
  • modern kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • family hall

A modern house, this design shows a free-flowing concept of the living spaces.  In fact, the layout is very organized and functional featuring the living spaces on the right side, and the private zone on the left section of the plan. The rectangular balcony serves as a perfect entrance to the living room through wooden doors. The dining and kitchen sit side by side on the right corner at the back. As can be seen, the three bedrooms form a linear layout on the left side of the house. Meanwhile, the adjacent bathrooms sit between one of the bedrooms and kitchen.

Overall, this house stands to offer real comfort with a lovely garden and landscaping around.

Credit to: BanLaeSuanDotCom



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