10 Open-Concept Kitchen Ideas to Add More Space to Your Cooking Space

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The open-concept kitchen is a favorite concept for a lot of people since it allows an obstruction free and more usable space. An open-concept kitchen also comes with a propensity for design on a massive scale. You can include larger appliances and counter space. You can also include bigger table and chairs.

An open-concept kitchen is a great way to make the kitchen more functional. If you are planning to set-up an open-concept kitchen for your new home, here are 10 exciting kitchen design ideas you can incorporate into your new home.


Gray Sparkle

This open kitchen sparkles with a shimmery backsplash and silver accents. The large island has green stools that adds an entertaining space.


Put a Lot of Extras

Who doesn’t like having extra storage spaces in the kitchen, right? This slide-out pantry, for example, can keep other things organized and clutter-free.


Change it Up

The different elements you can see in this kitchen provides variety. The dark wood, stone wall, and marble top all work together.


Big Island

Having a big kitchen space is all you need. This large island adds an extra dining area that can make entertaining guests a breeze.


Marble Desire

This large marble-topped island gives you a lot of space to work with. Plus, the high ceiling and skylights expand the space beautifully.


Gray and White

A white kitchen with gray cabinets is a perfect match.


Clean White

This clean white kitchen looks airy and light. The extra sink on the island makes cooking and meal preparation easy.



This kitchen makes everything simple and clean. The clean spaces and the light colored flooring create an open space you would surely love to cook in.


Stylish and Fun

This open kitchen is stylish and fun at the same time. The colored bulbs add a little pop of color and whimsy.


Touch of Pink

The floor in this kitchen blends well with the chair with a hint of pink. The white subway tile and light colored cabinets keep the look blended and soft.


Which do you think is better? An open-concept kitchen or a roomed one? Which do you think is the piece of appliance that can work well with both? Share it in the comment section below!

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